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Digital Signage
Manage an Infinite
Amount of Screens
Create engaging content for your business, while updating content live.
Publish content into a dynamically built interface with multi-layer technology
Digital Signage
Control Your Signange
From The Palm Of Your Hand
Locate your player with the GPS tracker. Make changes to your playlist easily using a simple mobile device.
Check on your players to see if everything’s running smoothly. View whats currently playing on the screen and take a screen grab.
Digital Signage
View and Maintain Your Screens
With The NfinityX Mobile App
A mobile phone is a highly personal, always-on, always-present gateway to the Internet. We haven’t met a user yet who didn’t want to customize it by extending its functionality. That’s why Datapost has designed a robust platform to control your digital signage from the palm of your hand.
Digital Signage

Communication solution for staff and customers, Datapost provides digital communication channels like digital signage, live streaming, mobile and desktop applications.

The nfinityX solution

Build a strong communication & content delivery solution for your business by creating a digital platform which best suits your needs and target audience.

Clean & Simple to Use

Easily re-purposing content for delivery and distribution to multiple hardware clients. Store and retrieve all media content using Datapost nfinityX.

Technical Support

Manage playlists, Schedule content , Design the look and feel of your signage and use a diverse set of tools to create  your ultimate communication platform.


Whether you are a multi-corporate empire , a single shop owner or  simply out to entertain , We have a solution for you.

We have a plan for you !

We take care of the background detail, servers, software and provide you with online support in any area you may require help.


Is focused on providing you with Digital Signage, Interactive and Communication software tools that make your task of managing, publishing and distributing your content productive and seamless!

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